5 Fundamental Tips When Selling Second-Hand Watch to a Dealer

A lot of people buy luxury watches for various reasons, some for personal collection and others for the purpose of investment because they want to sell them at a later date if there happens to be an increase in value. If this is not the case and you just want to have another watch, the tips provided in this article can be very helpful when selling your pre owned luxury watches as profitably and as smoothly as possible.
1. Make sure to prepare the papers of the watch and its original box.
Every time you get yourself a watch, whether a new or 2nd hand watches, make sure to acquire the evidence that attests its quality and condition. If you want to create added-value to your collection, evidence such as the legal papers, the original box, and the warranty can help you prove its authenticity.
Given that you have these things, the dealers will have less or no trouble when reselling your watch. They no longer have to spend some money on verifying that the item is not fake. They’ll have more interested clients who are willing to buy the watch.
2. Carefully choose your dealer.
It's a common dealer practice to offer up to half of the watch initial cost. However, there are also other dealers who will take into consideration some relevant factors such as the present market value and the rareness model of the watch or digital watches.
No matter what the first offer is, don't immediately agree with it. To be able to make an objective decision, get some quotes first. You can also ask the dealer about the selling price range before you visit a shop. This will save both your effort and time. And it can give you the chance to know that the price you're getting is fair and to stay away from hidden persuasion strategies.
Given such information, keep in mind to do your research to make sure that you're in a transaction with a good dealer who is an expert in this field and with a trustworthy reputation as a business partner.
3. Think about the possibility of recourse.
Think about the possibility of recourse before signing any contract with a watch dealer. The main reason for this precaution is to help you out when a buyer informed you that there's something wrong with the watch after evaluating the watch and its mechanism further. There's a possibility that the buyer will demand some repairs or return it back to you for good.
In addition to the honest mistake, there are cases when the returned item is changed into a replica or damaged item. So be very careful who you trust with your pre owned watches Singapore.
4. Be wary of your watch's condition.
A second-hand watch is not as sparkly and shiny the mint condition ones, but you would want to make it look at its best. So, if you want to get a much higher price for it, take care of its exterior well.
One good idea is to clean and polish the watch carefully. And if you want to prevent further damage, visit a professional and have it serviced.
5. Give out the facts.
Lastly, if you want your pre-used watch to be considered by the most reputable dealers under high priced items, provide them good quality photos, model number and other information that can be disclosed to the public.


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